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AnyMemo is a free open-sourced spaced repetition flashcard learning software similar to SuperMemo for Android mobile phones. It implements an advanced adaptive scheduling algorithm based on modified Mnemosyne algorithm (Enhanced SuperMemo SM2 algorithm) to maximize the learning efficient.

AnyMemo will help you learn various languages like Arabic, Chinese, English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Esperanto. Also you can learn histories, computer related topics, religion, live styles using AnyMemo too!

The key features are as follows:


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News & Updates

AnyMemo 10.9 released 2016-05-20

AnyMemo 10.9 is released with a breaking change. The DB file opened in 10.9+ CANNOT be opened with older version of AnyMemo. In addition 10.9 contains several new UI enhancement and bug fixes. Please read version history for changes and download in Download section.

AnyMemo 10.8 released 2015-11-11

AnyMemo 10.8 is released with several new features including opening db file from other apps, permission system in Android 6.0, UI enhancement and several bug fixes. Please read version history for changes and download in Download section.

AnyMemo 10.7.1 released 2015-05-16

AnyMemo 10.7.1 is released with bug fixes in Google Drive and translation enhancement. Please read version history for changes and download in Download section.

AnyMemo 10.7 released 2015-05-03

AnyMemo 10.7 is released with new widget that can dispaly multiple card dbs. Google has deprecated Doclist API. AnyMemo has updated to use Google Drive API now. Cram has closed their API support. AnyMemo has removed it in 10.7. Please read version history for changes and download in Download section.

AnyMemo 10.6 released 2014-11-24

AnyMemo 10.6 is released with Android 5 Lollipop support and Material design UI. AnyMemo drops support for Android 2.x so 10.5 is the last version that support 2.2 and 2.3. Please read version history for changes and download in Download section.

AnyMemo 10.5 released 2014-09-19

AnyMemo 10.5 is finally here. Please read version history for changes and download in Download section.

AnyMemo 10.5 beta 1 and WordWall 1.0 beta 1 released 2014-06-26

There are two exciting news here. AnyMemo 10.5 beta 1 is released with new features of accessing private Quizlet card sets. The first beta of WordWall, the Android Daydream screensaver / livewallpaper, is released. WordWall is able to display your AnyMemo database as your wallpaper or when the phone is charging through daydream. The amount of features of WordWall is very limited now, but it should be quite straightforward to use. Please go to Download section for both releases. Please let me know if you have any test result and suggestions for WordWall. Thank you!

AnyMemo 10.4 released 2014-03-29

AnyMemo 10.4 is finally released after about half years of development. There are lots of improvement over 10.3. Major features including studying in list mode, initial multi-sided card support, enhanced scheduling algorithm, better searching support and downloading from Cram. Make sure to check out the version history.

AnyMemo 10.4 beta 2 released 2014-01-29

AnyMemo 10.4 beta 2 was just released. The card UI is reworked for supporting multi-sided card and swipping gestures. And lots of bugs were also fixed as usual. You might noticed some change in AnyMemo download page. Google code stopped providing downloading service so we have to build our own. The wiki is also updated with some information about the latest version. AnyMemo's internal build system has been changed to gradle and we will build both free and pro (donate) version in nightly build and beta releases. We encourage to test both versions to ensure the actual release quality. Currently you can not have both version installed on the same phone.

AnyMemo 10.4 beta 1 and Christmas special edition released 2013-12-24

Merry Christmas and happy new year! We have a special gift for you, the AnyMemo AnyMemo 10.4 beta 1 Christmas special version with a white theme. It is only availabe for a limited amount of time. AnyMemo 10.4 beta 1 brings a lot of exciting features including studying in card list mode and enhanced search experience in card list and preview /edit mode. Also if you have lots of cards to review, AnyMemo will present most difficult cards first. I hope everyone will have a great holiday!

AnyMemo 10.3.2 released 2013-11-26

Fix a crash bug when editing a card and changing phone orientation. Also fix a possible crash on Samsung Galaxy S3. Please see version history for the detail.

AnyMemo 10.3.1 released 2013-11-15

Normal bug fix release. Please see version history for the detail.

AnyMemo 10.3 released 2013-10-19

We are excited to announce AnyMemo 10.3 is finally released after nearly 4 months of hard work. There are tons of new features and enhancements including card player, better UI and new quiz option. Please see version history for the detail. Also I would like to thank our new member Yijing for her contribution to multiple new features and enhancements in AnyMemo 10.3.

Third-party review on AnyMemo

kiwiguy has reviewed AnyMemo in the article Flashcard apps for the Droid. AnyMemo is one of the top software in his list.

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